Announcing an unofficial DataNucleus Gradle Plugin

Announcing an unofficial DataNucleus Gradle Plugin

Following my previous article on JPA enhancement in general and particularly how to perform build-time enhancement / weaving using DataNucleus and Gradle Ant Tasks, a promise is a promise :). I am excited to announce datanucleus-gradle-plugin, an open-source plugin for Gradle-based projects. It aims at providing the same set of capabilities as the official DataNucleus Maven Plugin.

For the moment, the only capability added is for bytecode enhancement of the user domain model, although other capabilities (such as schema operations) are planned.

Website :

Repository: Github://rm3l/datanucleus-gradle-plugin

This plugin adds few tasks and capabilities related to DataNucleus. Those tasks are configurable via a very straightforward DSL extension. So it may be useful if you make use of both DataNucleus as your JPA / JDO provider and Gradle as your build tool.

Using it is as easy as applying the plugin, so as to have enhancement auto-performed at build-time. This way, the resulting artifacts are packaged with the classes already enhanced.

Below is an example of a build.gradle applying the plugin and configuring it. Please refer to the plugin website for more details about the different tasks and their options.

plugins {
  id "org.rm3l.datanucleus-gradle-plugin" version "1.0-SNAPSHOT"

//... other things, such as dependencies, ...

datanucleus {
  enhance {
    api 'JPA'
    persistenceUnitName 'myPersistenceUnit'
    //... other options are possible

As always, feedback, contributions or issue reporting are more than welcome. So to help out, do feel free to fork the repository and open up a pull request. I’ll review and merge your changes as quickly as possible.

You can use GitHub issues to report bugs or just drop me a line at armel+dn_gradle_plugin AT rm3l DOT org. However, please make sure your description is clear enough and has sufficient instructions to be able to reproduce the issue.


  • The plugin has just (Nov. 11, 2018) been submitted to the Gradle Plugins repository, and the approval from folks at Gradle is still pending. I'll let you know once the plugin is effectively published.

UPDATE: The plugin submission has just (Nov. 12, 2018) been approved — it is now available in the Gradle Plugin Portal !

  • The plugin is provided as is, under an MIT License.

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